DATUM LLC was established by high experienced specialists in 2008 April. Core business of the company is GIS, Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry, Software development, Navigation systems, Field survey and consulting services on these fields.


Vision of Company
Latest and modern technologies are used in order to gain customer satisfaction. Being aware of their needs it's our main goal to provide with our consulting, qualitative execution of the works on time.


There are a number of Universal Software Solutions (USS) pretending to solve the wide spectrum of  problems of automation and/or applied tasks in various subject domains. In general they are based on well-known software technologies such as RDBMS, GIS, CAD, Digital Photogrammetry or at the turn of them, as well as, on image processing and pattern recognition or classification technique and algorithms. Although, when developing such a USS the developer company try to cover every aspect of not only regarding technology but also technologies adjacent to it, nevertheless these solutions alone turns out to be almost always significantly narrower or non-matched for solving real task.
The main problem here is in that USS’s are rather technology-oriented than task-oriented. Applied tasks often if no always require involvement of other technologies that in turn make it necessary to invoke a relevant USS. For example:

  • You have to describe and register municipality property as well as to delineate territories for performing some type of works on it. For successful performing of this task you need to use Image processing and analysis, GIS,  CAD and RDBMS technologies. Moreover GIS,  CAD and RDBMS jobs  must be performed in a single workflow basing on an unified spatially-enabled database.

Such cascading use of various expensive heavyweight USS’s require not only corresponding expenditure but also much efforts to be put in learning of them. Of course, using of main technology flagman USS’s is necessary for a company which functions in the domain area covered by this technology but it’s not sufficient. 
The another problem is necessity to solve tasks that require investigations - not only using of ready-to-use software solution - in adjacent areas. For example:

  • You have to monitor distribution area changes of week vegetation communities growing on the lands with complex relief structure. Your main domain area is Ecology and you use satellite imagery as well as  GIS and RS software’s for solving your tasks. But conditional RS technologies are not sufficient for recognition of these vegetation communities using satellite images. In this situation you need special solution at the turn of RS, Digital Photogrammetry and GIS that must be based on additional investigations in RS area.

Our approach is based on task-oriented method. Adding on our arsenal the various modern software technologies we deeply penetrate into domain areas and offer a solution on an integrated basis. Technologies are our toolsets not more and not less. We take these technologies, realized on the base of programmable components (SDK or API), into our “software development workshop” where we prepare our specialized solutions. When existing toolsets are not sufficient for solving of certain task we involve our investigation laboratory in this process that is capable to find solution in such areas as:

    • Remote Sensing
    • Data Modeling,
    • Spatial Analysis,
    • Relief modeling.
    • Other spheres of applying spatial technologies


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